01 Apr GSD Madrid Choir cultural exchange

On the first week of February, our Middle School students experienced a very exciting event. They welcomed the students from GSD Madrid in their classrooms and homes.

Eight students together with their teacher joined Transylvania College for a cultural and musical exchange. Each student lived with a host family and attended regular classes and activities. Our students and teachers prepared different activities for them to assure their stay is a very enjoyable one.

The end in mind was to create a musical experience. Thus, they attended our school choir’s sessions and recorded a music video!

They also had fun doing extra-curricular activities! Together with their hosts, they went skiing, to the cinema, out for dinners and even day trips.

Here’s how it was for our guests

All the teachers and staff were very kind and they received us with their open arms. At Transylvania College, I discovered new things such as The Leader in Me. I learned that it is a very innovative and integrative way of education and I feel like I have had a very useful experience in what concerns my professional development as a teacher. Beyond this, seeing the girls enjoying their friendship with their Romanian buddies helped me realise how useful this kind of experiences are and how important it is to start doing it as young as possible. We are very thankful for the opportunity and we are looking forward to hosting you in Madrid next academic year!

Laura Martin, guest teacher

It has been such an enriching experience, I got to know the Romanian culture so close due to my host family’s willingness to show me many Romanian traditions. Everybody made their best in order to make me feel the most comfortable possible and this helped me to go back home with the impression that interaction is something that helps your personality grow.

Exchange Student


Andra Sfetcu

Content Writer

Andra Sfetcu

Content Writer

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