22 Feb House Debate Competition

High School students organised the House Debate Competition on February 21s. The students debated whether open border laws are more beneficial or more detrimental to the country in which they are applied. Ama Dragomir from Year 13 coordinated the action team and told us more about the experience.

 House games are a great way of promoting constructive competition.

“In the last week of the first term, I coordinated an extraordinary debating team. Our aim was to organise a Debate House Competition for high school students. In our school, house games are a great way of promoting constructive competition. Thus, we decided to use this opportunity as an exercise of democracy.  We chose a motion that is of great interest in the current global context. The two teams debated whether open border laws are more beneficial or more detrimental to the country in which they are applied.

Georgiana Mois was in charge of logistics and Daniel Bega was in charge of academics. Yidi Huang was our creative mind, drawing the poster and promoting the event. They were the most amazing team I could have hoped for. They delivered their work on time and took responsibility for their tasks. I also appreciated the fact that they faced all the unexpected challenges with great resilience.

The debaters were mesmerizing. They had all the arguments well-prepared, the speaker skills were accurately portrayed and they displayed a deep understanding of challenging issues. They truly set an example for anyone wanting to take up debating.

It was truly an honour to be a part of this journey!”

– Ama Dragomir, Year 13


Here is how the debate took place through the eyes of the participants and moderators

Great opportunity to practice our debating skills in a competition setting, We took this as a challenge to leave our comfort zones.

– Petra Sîmpălean, Year 10

This was a great experience for me to display my improvisation skills upon a complex topic. Due to last minute changes, I was unprepared so I solely relied on my knowledge” – Iulio Kambe, Year 12

I am very passionate about debates and politics, in general. I think the debate touched a topic related to the current global situation and I really liked that. My political view is on centre-slight right and I had to represent the opposite. In essence, I represented the more Liberal side towards border laws. I believe I learned a lot about how to debate in any circumstances and on any topic!

– Ioan Pristavu, Year 11

As an organizer for this event, I believe we really managed to raise awareness of problems we face at borders worldwide. We also showed students how to debate at a professional level. It was a display of great student leadership, as it was the first event of its type. In conclusion, it was a successful event.

– Daniel Bega, Year 12

An outstanding display of school organisation and leadership. I am glad to have debated and glad to have portrayed my arguments in front of the school.

– Sergiu Ciavoi, Year 12

As a debater, I can say it definitely was not easy to go in front of the entire school and debate the way we did. I think it helped me become more flexible, improvise when stuck and become able to look at the whole school in the face. I also learned how to say what I have to say and make others hear me. It was a real challenge for me to debate on this motion, especially on the opposite side as to what I believe in. I really wanted to tell the other team I am on their side. However, I continued presenting my arguments and I learned a lot about our current global situation. Thank you for this opportunity!”

– Irina Ghițuică, Year 11



Andra Sfetcu

Content Writer

Andra Sfetcu

Content Writer

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