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11 Nov Exploring the Royal Family’s influence in the Sinaia Area – DofE Award Test trip

In the year of the Great Union Centenary celebration, we think with gratitude about the momentous contribution that the Royal Family has had in the progress and history of Romania. We are also extremely thankful for being part of the DofE Award and we had the opportunity to complete the Test trip in Sinaia.

In order to celebrate this significant year, the students of Transylvania College chose to study the impact of the Royal Family in the development of Sinaia area. The adventure was part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award test trip and it took place between the 9th and 11th of November 2018.

The trip was entirely planned by the students (Sarah S., Diana M., Fabiana P., Irina G., Yidi H., Ioan P., Alexadru B. and Alexandru S.), under the supervision of  Miss Iulia B. and Miss Mirela M. The team explored the Sinaia area and discovered the beautiful legacy that was left to us by the Royal Family.

Each student had a specific role in the journey, such as helping with navigation, being the ‘motivator’, taking pictures, cooking or washing the dishes. However diverse their roles have been, all of them had the same end in mind – help each other complete the trip and enjoy the process.

The main purpose of the trip was to explore the impact of the Royal Family in the area, but the students also had the opportunity to learn new things about the monarchy and about themselves.

For example, Irina G. learned that she has better navigation skills than she thought and that if she was to handle a cabin and do all the cooking and walking and orienting, she might just handle it.

Alex S. was the photographer of the team and he learned that he actually can do both – hike and take photos at the same time!

Congratulations on completing the DofE Test trip!

You can see pictures from their adventure here.



Andra Sfetcu

Content Writer

Andra Sfetcu

Content Writer

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