19 Dec Traditional Carolling

Preparing Sezatoare & Carol Service

Trying to learn more about and keep alive the Christmas traditions, to share old, valuable aspects of local culture and to raise awareness about the traditional heritage, we had several activities connected to traditional carolling:

Grade 4 and grade 6 students learned what is a “sezatoare  – a traditional gathering of the villagers, working together in one afternoon /evening while telling stories, riddles, rhymes, singing/ carolling…

Then, a team got involved in preparing such an event in Baisoara, entitled  Grandparents’ Christmas” and we were so happy that our preparations went on well and that we were also learning so much along the way. Our students were invited to have parts/roles in this gathering. The event was postponed due to the King Michael’s funerals, but year 11 students recorded a video with performing a traditional carol from Iara village. A villager told us that the community of Iara (a village in the neighbourhood of Baisoara) was famous for the gipsy folklore and Christmas traditions and that during her childhood people were very enthusiastic about these carolers. So our students were happy to play the role of the guests coming from Iara.

We have also organized a carolling event at TC, for primary, students wearing traditional costumes, carolling for their parents and other guests, moving from one class to another just like carolers moving from house to house on Christmas Eve, bringing joy, singing, receiving goodies…

On the 20th of December, we invited our community once again to feel the Christmas spirit through the eyes of innocence and feel the rhythm of our favourite carols. Just like every year, the Christmas Carol Service was a charitable event. This year the funds were directed to our project ‘Revive the nature-related tradition’ in Baisoara.

We had a special guest: the traditional folk group “Vlastari”, from ‘Mircea Luca’ school in Baisoara. Before the performance, we had a workshop involving students from the project.

Marius Bulia


Marius Bulia


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