05 Nov Revive the nature related traditions! – Baisoara. A Service Learning Project based on oral history

Last school year (2016-2017) the high school students from Transylvania College have initiated a service-learning project aimed at developing the community of Baisoara, a village situated at 60 km from our city, in a beautiful mountain area.

In the beginning, the main needs in the region were: development based on the touristic potential of the village and environment-related aspects – raising awareness and protecting nature.

Working in teams with the students from the local school, some more needs were identified and we would like to tackle them in this new part of the project: improving skills like communication, English, IT, but also problem solving, critical and creative thinking.

The students in Baisoara are involved in agricultural activities, as they need to help their parents.Those who would like to achieve more are aware of their better chances in a school from the city, but the distance is an impediment.

Another important aspect to be considered in this project is that Muntele Baisorii is turning from a beautiful and full of traditions mountain village into a touristic resort. There are 2 ski slopes, but the new and modern elements which favour tourism have, in time, affected the environment and the local traditions which are mainly linked to nature.

Old villagers remember the very old and so valuable aspects of local culture and are willing to share. We identified the need to raise awareness related to this traditional heritage and encourage the young generation of people in the region to go back to their roots, be proud and do not let them fade and be forgotten.

Oral history is part of what we study at Transylvania College in primary and middle school, using project-based learning. Now we transform our oral history project into a service learning project, involving all the students in grades 4 and 6 and also some of our high school colleagues from year 11 for guidance (media, technical aspects, workshops).

Service learning projects have 3 major characteristics: they are addressing the needs of the community; students are actively involved in all stages, from planning to assessment; the activities are intentionally linked to curricular learning objectives.

Our project “Revive the nature-related traditions!” has 2 main goals.

• Promote the nature-related traditions in the mountain area of Baisoara and Muntele Baisorii villages by raising awareness of the traditional heritage  and participating in traditional events, contributing in organizing them

• Working in teams with the students from the local school to teach them basic IT skills, basic English vocabulary and also to produce materials for the Tourism Information Center 

Our partners are:

     Primăria Băișoara  (town hall)

     Școala “Mircea Luca” Băișoara (local school)

     Asociația Stațiunea Muntele Băișorii (local ONG)

     Clubul Alpin Român

     Ecouri Verzi (environment oriented ONG)

     SC Eurogramin SRL

     Round Square Organisation (guidance)

     CLAYSS – Centro Latinoamericano de Aprendizaje y Servicio Solidario (guidance)

Marius Bulia


Marius Bulia


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