06 Mar Transylvania College delegation at Felsted Model United Nations Conference

On behalf of Ms Ana-Maria Nasui (Teacher of English/Form Tutor Year 12/ MUN Coord.)

Transylvania College MUN delegation returned from the MUN conference that took place at Felsted, UK, 25th-28th February. The team had five members: Georgiana (year10), Mara, Matei, Ioana and Matthias (year12) and they received UK as allocated country. This is the 2nd year in which our school is represented at such events, as last year Mara, Matei and Ioana also participated in the COBIS MUN with 13 other international schools in the world. They were coordinated and accompanied by Ms Ana-Maria Nasui.

We were very proud to have two of our resolutions fast-tracked for the first session of debate from more than 100 and one of them, the one written by Matei for the Security Council (“The efficient seizing of remaining ISIS strongholds and transport routes in Syria”), after discussions and amendments, had the majority vote from the countries! He was also declared one of the best delegates in the respective committee! Last year he was a delegate in the UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency).

Matthias joined our team only one month before the conference and he has been wonderful: his resolution for the Ecology&Environment committee (“Hydraulic Fracturing as an experimental intermediate stage towards a complete transition to sustainable energetic alternatives”) had been the 2nd fast-tracked one and he had to give an opening speech and defend his resolution throughout the whole first session of debates in front of delegates of the 45 countries represented in the room.

Mara was a member of the ECOSOC committee (Economic and Social) and she had prepared a resolution on The Effectiveness of Foreign Aid Policies. The discussions inside this committee have not been easy to tackle as issues such as women’s economic empowerment and LGBT rights are still rather controversial but she has already had the experience of such conferences from the previous year.

Ioana‘s resolution for Human Rights on “The Access to Personal Data for National and International Security”  was selected during the conference for the 2nd day of debates, a highly polemical topic as it was based on the UK’s recent passing of the Investigatory Powers Act.

Georgiana was at her first conference and she prepared a resolution on Antibiotic Resistance for the Health Committee – other subjects such as The rise of obesity and non-communicable diseases or the Zika virus were also debated by the delegates. She led quite an intense debate at written level with the other countries who tried to convince UK to vote for or against a given resolution.

On the 2nd day the delegates worked in joint committees which made the discussions even more intense! At the very end, the debates ended with an imaginary emergency topic: both the president and the vice-president of the USA have been assassinated and the US is no longer a country – the UN needs to stabilise the situation and has also got the chance to reorganise the territory. This was a really interesting exercise for all delegations as their reactions and decision-making skills for world critical situations were put to test. They managed to find reasonable solutions in spite of all the different opinions.

All our students have been wonderful, congratulations!

Felsted MUN was at its 8th edition and it gathered 20 schools and over 200 delegates!

What Model United Nations is

The earliest known Model United Nations conference took place at the UN in Geneva in 1953, shortly after the Second World War. Its mission was to ensure that the youth of the day did not make the same political mistakes as their ancestors. Today, as we grapple with serious problems such as Wars, Climate Change, Human Rights abuses, Global Pandemics and rising debt, MUN is more relevant than ever.

The basic concept is simple: students are allocated a country (normally not their own country). They research the country in advance and then ‘represent’ what they believe are that country’s views in a series of grand debates on important international issues, discussing and putting together resolutions.


MUN is addressed to students that are well-informed, mature, open-minded, that have opinions about all sorts of global topics, that are good listeners, good communicators, and that wish to develop their public speaking, diplomatic and negotiation skills. Because of the formal context in which such conferences take place, participation to this kind of events is a great asset for university application as well.

We are expecting increasing interest for MUN experience in the coming years! For next year there are at least 3 prestigious conferences we have been invited to.

More pictures HERE.

For more details, contact Ms Ana-Maria Nasui.

Marius Bulia


Marius Bulia


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