12 Dec Round Square IS Big Build – Nepal 2016 UPDATE!



Two Transylvania College students and Miss Iulia Bratfalean are attending RSIS Big Build Project in Nepal.

This is their story as told by RSIS Big Build – Nepal 2016 Blog



Arrivals Day, Friday 9th December

Students were welcomed to Nepal throughout the day by our friendly team of Adult Leaders; including Ash from Scotch College, Iulia from Transylvania College, Scotland and Vicki from St Philip’s College, Nicole from Providence Day School and Emma from the Round Square Worldwide Management Team.



Saturday 10th December

The team have been enjoying their first taste of Nepal.

The Headteacher from local Round Round Square Member School, Chandbagh, visited the team as part of their induction. He gave a wonderful presentation and students asked lots of questions about the area they will be working in.


Sunday 11th December

“Eager for the big day ahead, today began with breakfast at a local restaurant and our preparation for departure for the village. We loaded our bags onto the buses and headed off on a two-hour bumpy bus ride filled with scenic views of rice paddies and brick-making workshops.

Upon arrival at the village we were welcomed by a crowd of local students, staff and officials who adorned us with flower chains and applied tikkas to our foreheads.

Our afternoon was filled with playing football locals and playing games and chatting together; we are really beginning to see the wonderful bonds that we will form on this project.

Our day concluded with a warming dinner of tomato soup, rice, dahl and vegetable and chicken curry followed by some free-time for showers and chats before we headed off to our tents for bed. After this initial glimpse of our life while on the project site, we are all excited for the days ahead.”


Monday 12th December

“We woke up at 7am this morning, had a cup of tea in the chilly air, and then did our morning warm up. This involved 500 team squats, team activities, stretches and games.

Immediately, we realized we had a lot of work to do. While the other groups started on their tasks, our group went about setting up the toilet to use at the build sight. Other groups worked on mixing cement, laying bricks, and filling in the sides of the trenches with dirt. After a productive hour and a half, we stopped for a morning tea break. Biscuits and tea were provided and they were delicious!

Special Round Square 50 years anniversary badges were given at the end of dinner to one outstanding member of each group for exemplary spirit, leadership, and work on the job site. One of the groups headed off to wash the dishes, and an entertaining evening of many different card games was enjoyed by the rest. The day was brought to a close by an early bedtime.”


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Wednesday 14th December

”While the other groups headed back to the worksite after a lovely lunch, we headed to the high school for the pleasure of spending time with the village teenagers. Our crew blended into the friendship groups of various classrooms- chatting, gossiping and laughing. Some of us even attempted poorly to learn the complex (at least for us) language of the Nepali people.”

Thursday 15th December

”At the work site, we finished the foundations and began work on the columns. We spent most of the day moving rocks, mixing cement, and passing bricks, broken up by groovy dancing. Some of the highlights were the community coming out to help us on the work site and getting to jam to Ice Ice Baby. We stuck it out on the site for an extra 30 minutes this afternoon in order to finish the cement.”

Friday 16th December

”Our arrival at Nagarkot brought a biting chill which sent us back to the buses to play cards as we awaited the sunrise. The hike commenced at 5:50 and with the beautiful views in mind we headed up to the viewpoint to admire for the first time the snowy tips of the Himalayas in the distance. As the sun rose we experienced yet another group bonding moment while the whole huddled together and took plenty of photos to commemorate the moment.”


Saturday 17th December

“We woke up at 7am; a lie-in compared to yesterday! … Off to work we went, shovelling and finally seeing some development with the walls of the school. The day was named ‘movement day’, as sudden and vast visible progression took place. … After lunch, energy levels were dropping on site. However, a small dance party broke out and immediately raised spirits.”

Monday 19th December

“As the sun rose over the mountains, the warm and comforting voice of our day’s leader, Felix, drifted over our tents allowing the team to awake to a peaceful morning, a rare commodity. After another stint of morning games and warm breakfast of porridge, eggs and pancakes, the team headed off to another morning of work.”

Tuesday 20th December

“It was our final day on the work site, even though it felt like our first. Renee, being our day leader, woke everyone up at 7 O’clock for a busy day, starting with some fun warm-up games. There were a few more casualties in our human Cluedo, including a huge betrayal by Renee when she killed her own teammate, Kiva. Team CASSA now only has two members left standing.”

21st/22nd December


Students are now busy packing their bags in preparation for a busy day of departures. We wish everyone safe and pleasant journeys home, a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Marius Bulia

Marius Bulia


Marius Bulia
Marius Bulia


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