29 Nov Revive the traditions! – traditional workshops on December 1st

In order to raise awareness of the traditional heritage – one of the main goals of our service learning project -, on 29th of November  2017, Transylvania College students celebrated the National Day by organizing traditional workshops.

Decorating pots, dolls in traditional costumes on wooden spoons, learning some traditional dance steps, handwriting, making bookmarks with traditional patterns, storytelling and scriptwriting based on traditional literature for children, Christmas decorations …  were some of the activities.


  • “We are wearing the national costume and we look so good! Now we learn how to make dolls on wooden spoons and dress them like we are. Did you know that the Dacians’ costumes were so similar to ours, that a Romanian peasant visiting the Trajan’s Column in Rome was mistaken by the reporters as a Dacian?  – we learned that in our History class.” (student)
  • “I am conducting a traditional dance steps activity – it can be interesting – as being something new for our international students, it will be nice, we will have  a lot of fun” (teacher)
  • “We painted some Christmas tree globes. During our grandparents’ childhood, Christmas trees were decorated with walnuts and apple covered with golden or silver wrapping. Now we painted some globes using some traditional elements like red and black patterns from the national costumes,  angels, village landscapes, or the national flag colours.” (student)

Marius Bulia


Marius Bulia


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