03 Apr 2017 NSS / NASA Space Settlement Design Contest


On behalf of Miss Dorina-Anca Girbovan, Teacher of Science

The National Space Society (NSS), USA in collaboration with NASA offered the students the opportunity to participate in the Roadmap to Space Settlement – 2017 International Student Art Contest. They looked for the student – artists to create ORIGINAL illustrations for the NSS Roadmap to Space Settlement. Transylvania College was represented by Vlad Muresan, alumni of our school, whose artwork REALISTICALLY illustrated “People Living and Working in Space Settlements”.

We want to mention that Vlad won the Grand Prize of 2014 Bill Bryson competition held by the Royal Society of Chemistry from UK with “ The Neoteric Vetruvian’s Arm”.

His entry “ Transportation Logistics on Mars” depicted a moment in which astronauts create transportation systems for travelling the distance between the Red Planet and Earth. He wanted to convey a feeling of innovative creativity of the space equipment, all these objects being placed in a surreal-like environment. The painting was created in acrylic colours.

We would like to congratulate Vlad Muresan for his work and Miss Dorina Girbovan for coordinating him and we wish him good luck in the contest.  

Marius Bulia


Marius Bulia


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