30 May Parent Lighthouse Team




On behalf of Parent Lighthouse Team, from Ms. Carla Schildt:

As a parent, it was a wonderful opportunity to participate in the Leadership Day event and witness the combined efforts of students, staff, and parents.  The great turnout and participation from parents contributing delicious baked good for our Bake a Wish bake sale was incredibly rewarding with the knowledge that all proceeds go to Make a Wish foundation.

It was great to see students taking an active role in the event; whether they presented material at the stations, served on the organizing committee, or provided guided tours of the school.  The level of maturity and engagement of the students was impressive.

I appreciate the efforts of the entire Lighthouse teams – staff, students and parents, and look forward to future events like it.”

Catrinel Grigorovici

Director of Public Affair

Catrinel Grigorovici

Director of Public Affair

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